You are Perfect – Can this be true?


You are perfect


Can it be true? and are you open to this being true?

Right now I really want to take a moment to sit and bask in the perfection of who you are.
How awesome you are……
Despite everything and anything that has ever gone on in your life
After all that, you’re still here, still functioning.
Totally perfect, complete and whole
I invite you to join me just for a moment to sit just with that.

*The perfection of who you are*

As you browse through the content here, the videos and posts, there is a sharing of experiences, insights, concepts and ideas
Please know that it all comes from the same place, the same space – that I – even if you don’t…
see you as perfect
that you are already perfect, already whole, already complete!
and that in fact – you don’t necessarily need anything
anything else that goes on in here is just,
opening up to different ideas,
different understandings,
different perspectives,
I invite you when you’re here
browsing and interacting
having a look around 
or indeed in any interaction -where we might have a conversation;
To Imagine being at a deli or a buffet
lifting your own plate.
Going up to the various counters that are there the warm counter
the cold counter
the hot plate -where the big roasts are
and the lovely big desert trolly
– take a sample, of a wee bit of everything.
to taste it, get a sense of what it’s like and you’ll know if it’s for you or not.
If there’s something there that you really like that, you can get a good sense of what it is that really resonates with you would you consider for a moment to just sit with it and digest it
Sit in that perfection of who you already are
whole, complete and perfect.
Thank you very much for reading this today
and I hope to speak with you soon

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