The Quiet Space Within

Quiet Space within

The Quiet Space Within

Hello everyone 🙂

At the beginning of the week, I was out for some fresh air and record some sounds for an upcoming meditation I sense might be a nice thing to put out into the world and it occurred to me to share something about the space within, and while it may come across as a bit airy-fairy.

There is that space within where all things are born and all things die, including the hurt, pain and suffering which was once felt, its where all fond memories and experiences come and go and are being lived through, in essence, while all the noise of the outside world is going on, we perceive it from within our mind and bodies and yet in that space, where you are, that cant be affected or touched or harmed that is always there, always ‘true’ I hope this video is of some use, some benefit to someone



Hello, everybody just taking a wee bit of time out today ive been reflecting on on a few things and wondering what might be a helpful thing to share with the world. 

Anyone that’s experiencing suffering or some form of a challenge and what might be an idea to explore would be the idea that at the very basis of everything before the situations before the circumstances before the layers of thinking and the feelings that arise is a place that is so so still yet is almost like a hive that’s buzzing with life, and possibilities, and solutions and ways forward. 

Where there is no pain and suffering & it is in that space where we all reside and are born out of so to speak.

It’s the place of where people would describe as home. 

It’s always there always sprouting new life, new hope. new ways of seeing things, of knowing things and paradoxically is so content and happy with, just being who it is and what it is and that, from time to time, we get a glimpse of it we see it we know it we experience it because it’s our baseline. 

It’s through the circumstances, through Life through the point of view of how we’re looking through and looking at the world that it seems to get a bit sort of clouded over through our thinking feelings and emotions and other things. 

It is not necessarily a place to have to get to because it’s already there.

It’s already that which everything else springs out of and that can’t be identified by any label or skin or a mask. 

There’s nothing to it, it’s just -it just is 

It reminds me of a wee baby, just been born and there was a place where a baby a so content where the baby doesn’t necessarily need anything -it’s been fed and watered, cleaned and changed. 

When their eyes are open and you’re looking at them and there is just a light of life that’s in them that has no description really – it’s the baseline of that, that baby, that soul, that we would know as the child, and it is there from the first breath and its still there at their last breath

It just seems to be that we have a tendency to get caught up in the world and everything around the world in between the birth and the death. And yet, it’s that stillness that’s always there the silence that you’re listening for and it’s not necessarily a place in life that needs to be touched. 

It’s not something that you can go and kinda look for, so to speak. Because it’s already there. 

That’s already how life was being lived through and seen through, It is in that any sufferings any challenges -anything at all that’s in any way troubling or anxious or worrying  is simply a passing that moves, and when metaphorically that distance is there that it can be seen for what it is a passing ship -a cloud floating by that it’s not necessarily who you are at your core – your beingness that, that suffering can’t sustain itself in that space it seems to fade away all on its own 

This space has no shape, no form, no dimensions of its own and yet it holds everything or everything is within it all possibilities, all solutions and I suppose that’s what wisdom would be pointing to is that sense of knowing. 

The sense of a fresh idea a fresh, a fresh place where a new possibility can be entertained. 

So I’m wondering if it’s possible to just to consider for a moment that within each and every one of us there is that space and that space is more closely aligned to who we really are and everything else is just a rising or a falling 

I hope that in the space or in the course of the video, there’s been not just a sense of calm but a sense of connection to that space. 

That space where life itself always on yet is silent, out of which everything can happen where dreams themselves are born and where nightmares die 

Have you any questions or any comments? Let me know. just put them underneath the video wherever you see it or send me a message. Nothing’s necessarily a good comment or a bad comment or a good question or a bad question It’s just the exploratory nature of questioning 

Have a nice day. Take it easy

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