Back 2 school part 2 – Morning routine #Musings

morning routine back to school part 2

Back 2 school part 2 

Morning routine


Finding it hard to get up in the morning or you’d like to adapt to a new routine that serves you and your family?


Yes it can be difficult, hard, almost impossible for some people for various different reasons, no matter what they are, there is bound to be something simple, a small step or an action – no matter how tiny or small, that can help either you, or someone you care deeply about help make that first hour or so of your day flow easier 


Having six young kids, five of which are in primary school this year, we’ve been told by some people they’d imagine it would be chaos and time-consuming….. The reality is that it’s not so much chaos or time-consuming, – yes it can be challenging but here’s what we find that works


and by works, we mean it all started by applying one of the suggestions below, as it has evolved – this is still is an ongoing, rolling, ever-evolving process that adapts as and when required to keep those ‘metaphorical wheels’ in motion




Have everything possible out the night before


Your own stuff – out ready to go


Hair stuff – brushes combs etc 


Tooth stuff: all the brushes lined with a tube of toothpaste handy so there isn’t a search party launched at 8.40 in the morning for it 🙂 


Kids stuff: Line up the shoes and uniforms – ready to be stepped into in the morning


Breakfast: ensure the regular consumables are in stock the evening before – it saves mini meltdowns and an early morning trip to the shop 


Set the alarm – Sounds simple but use an alarm clock, no matter if it is a clock or your phone, leave it out of reach of the bed, preferably in the next room. It forces your body from a sleep position to a ‘get-up and go’ position. 


We find getting up 15-20 minutes before the kids, leaves much better ‘headspace’ to go with the morning’s flow


Bonus tip RE: Alarm Clock – as you leave it in the next room or well out of reach – place your clothes or towels etc for use in the morning beside the alarm clock – no thinking required, shift from sleep position to get up and go to, straight in the shower or dressed position in minutes feeling much more awake much faster


Prefer to shower in the evening? splash cold water around your face after you turn off the alarm or have a glass of water there ready to wake up your insides 




Get up and do, 


Shift into ‘daytime mode’, the preparation the night before really pays off, it fends off early morning descion fatigue, leaving time to be more present to the little mini things that pop up and as it can be an exciting/nervous couple of weeks for the kids, 


Carve out time if there is an opportunity to share a few moments to listen to the kids -let them absorb your attention for a few moments, ideally, this can be done over breakfast with the kids – The space is there to help resolve any small worries or enhance anything they are already looking forward to. #ExpressNotRepress 


The kids line up to brush their teeth, then slip-on the shoes, coats and bags and off they go


So that’s a little insight to a morning here – 


 I’m curious, what morning hacks have you found really helps get your day off to an easier start….

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