Karen Dwyer – MS to Success [ICW 01]

Karen Dwyer

In conversation with Karen Dwyer – MS to Success

I have known Karen for a couple of years now, we met at the wonderful Hope, Health & Healing event in Enniskillen where we were speaking. Subsequently, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak with Karen Dwyer to ask her about her journey, about Gratitude, stress, her experience with MS and the journey that has unfolded.




It is a lovely, fun, frank, sharing conversation. There is more about Karen Below but first, If you are not a member of her – The gratitude attitude group – do check it out and join. The sharing positivity and uplifting nature of the group is heartwarming

**Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thegratitudeattitude/

**Instagram: @iamkarendwyer

**Website: http://mstosuccess.com/**

Karen Dwyer is an empowerment speaker, business strategist and all-round walking and talking embodiment of happiness, success and achievement.

She is an entrepreneur who helps individuals and businesses get out of their own way and accelerate personal and professional success

Having faced her own adversities from overcoming multiple sclerosis naturally to being on the cusp of making millions – Karen gives back by helping people change their mindset and get on with having a brilliant life, just as she has managed to do!

More information about Patrick can be found at https://patrickdurey.com

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